DALLAS1 DC Outage and Maintenance (Resolved)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Other - DALLAS1 DC
  • Between 7:25AM and 7:45AM and at approximately 5:20PM, the DALLAS1 DC experienced interruption of service to Power Distributions Units servicing multiple racks. It appears service has been restored to all customers equipment.

    Maintenance Time: 1:00AM CST Sunday June 21st

    Maintenance Action: Emergency Power Maintenance Emergency power maintenance will be performed stemming from the two outages that occurred on Saturday June 20th. During the outages it appears back up transferring components failed and will need replacing. DALLAS1 DC technicians, vendors and MGE will be on site during this maintenance to ensure minimal impact.

  • Date - 06/21/2009 02:35 - 07/02/2009 03:13
  • Last Updated - 06/21/2009 02:36

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